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Roll Up Tonneau Covers

NEW  LeBra Roll-Up Tonneau       
LeBra Roll-Up Tonneau
LeBra Roll-Up Tonneau
Performance, Style and Ease...
Rolled Up In One Tonneau

 Mounts on top of bed
 Water resistant
 Full access to truck bed
 Easy cover adjustment

"No Drill" Installation Improves Gas Milage Limited Lifetime Warranty


Find the Roll-Up Tonneau
for your Truck


Roll-Up Tonneau Features & Benefits
Easy Installation
   One person installation
   Cover ships fully assembled with front & rear rail
   Pre-snapped strong, anodized bows rollup with cover
   Top drive clamps with Hex head bolts install quickly
Strong Durable Construction
   Tear proof UV coated tri-laminate fabric is stretch & shrink resistant
   Complete water resistant sealing system (features special front/rear EPDM rubber seals)
Stylish, Aerodynamic Design
   Sleek low-profile design
   Rounded rails & corners for a customized look
   Contours to the shape of the pickup bed
   Black anodized aluminum rails provide stylish appearance
Rear Auto Latch & Release
   Heavy-duty locking rear rail
   Auto-latch engages rear rail to side rails
   Pull cord easily disengages rear rail
Easy Cover Removal
   Cover is completely removable
when fully rolled up
   Easy disengagement using auto latches (when full access to truck bed is required)
   One person operation
Easy Cover Operation
   Innovative rollup design minimizes
Velcro engagement until ready to secure
   Advanced rail design extends the
life of Velcro fastening system
   Self centering cover
   Integrated buckle strap secures cover to cab rail

LeBra Rollup Tonneau Covers are one of the newest additions to the LeBra Tonno Cover Family. They were designed for customers who want the security of a truck tonneau cover with the convenience of an easily stowed vinyl tonneau. An advanced rail design extends the life of the entire fastening system and a buckle strap holds the cover to your pickup's cab rail. Unlike other systems, the LeBra Roll Up design also contours to the truck bed for better coverage, less chance for leakage, and less damage from flapping. Flapping is the enemy of most vinyl automotive products because it can weaken the cover over time. At highway speeds, the wave motions caused by wind are literally tugging at the material several hundred times per second. As with any material, it is best to keep it on nice and tight with fewer chances to wear out, even though we've designed this material to last a good long time! Tight fits also keep water from pooling on the surface of the cover and turning into ice, which is also not good for covers or the people who are driving behind your truck when a big saucer of ice flies off. Lastly, these covers not only help save on mileage and prevent water, snow, ice, sand, falling objects, and critters from getting into your truck bed, they also improve mileage by channeling wind over the truck bed instead of scooping it up. If you were ever around when kids routinely rode in the back of a pickup truck, you remember the biting cold wind that got you if you weren't hunched down around the front of the bed. We remember it too. That wind was literally slowing down the truck after it had already been pushed aside once. A good truck bed covering will prevent this drag, and save you gas money, which is just an added bonus compared to the protection you're getting.

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