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LeBra Low Profile Covers work with other truck accessories which mount on the outside of the rail. They give the ultimate smooth look and are mounted on an aluminum frame with Flip-Lock attachment.


LeBra Low Profile Tonneau Covers are a favorite that still sells in respectable numbers. Why? Because people like to put things on their truck bed rails and don't always want a tonneau cover in the way. We even have a customer (Hi Jim!) who uses the tonneau cover while he's got the camper top on his truck, because he likes to cover up the inside when he goes camping. Also, a leak on the camper shell won't ruin his whole trip. Low Profile Pickup bed covers are great for keeping the wind and rain out of your truck, and they give a glassy smooth look that you can't get with most other covers on the market. Best yet, almost every model of LeBra Tonno is made to be installed without drilling holes into the bed, because you never know what vital piece of electrical gear (remember the taillights and fuel pump) is stowed inside what looks like an ordinary piece of sheet metal. Besides, drilling holes into your truck isn't recommended with most new models anyway.

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