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Lebra Snap Top Tonneau Covers allow for easy tailgate access without removing the cover. Built on a rust-proof anodized frame, they mount on top of the truck bed.



Snap Top Tonneau Covers by Lebra are the classic soft tonneau cover that everyone thinks about. They snap on to an anodized aluminum frame and the cover itself can be stowed using integrated straps that let you keep the cover handy for life's everyday covering needs. If you've ever taken anything from point A to point B and had to worry about rain, then one of these covers could be for you! Farmers use them to transport animal feed, contractors like them for tools, and home handymen love them because you can transport drywall sheeting in your truck bed without soaking the top layers and watching plaster turn into soggy white mud. The longevity of the Snap Top Tonno is a testament to the fact that it is a customer favorite.

Gas Savings Anyone? Many people have expressed new interest in Lebra Tonneaus because of the fuel savings you get when the cover is used. Every bit of fuel conservation helps, and reducing drag just cuts down on gas use. We'd just like to point out that people were buying lots of these covers when the price of gas was $1.27 a gallon, because they're great covers anyway! A snap tonneau will certainly save you some pain at the pump under the right circumstances, but we want you to know that the fuel savings is just an extra added bonus to an already great product.

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